Zuiderkerk Amsterdam



The ‘Zuiderkerk’ is located in the ‘Nieuwmarkt’ area of Amsterdam and a five minute walk from ‘De Waag’. This famous church was the first church in Amsterdam that was built specifically for protestant services.


The designer of this church, Hendrick de Keyser, was buried in the church. De Keyser designed the church as a pseudo-basilica with a central nave and two lower side aisles, six bays long, with Tuscan columns, timber barrel vaults and dormers. The top gables facing north and south and crowned by balustrades remind us of the Noorderkerk and the Westerkerk. However, the rectangular shape of the windows is unique to the Zuiderkerk.

Climbing the Zuiderkerk Tower

The Zuidertoren offers stunning views of the surrounding area. The tower is open to visitors from April to September.

A guided tour starts every half hour between 12:00 and 15:30 hrs.

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