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Sinterklaas Amsterdam

Sinterklaas In Amsterdam

The 5th of December is a holiday in the Netherlands that families celebrate by presents, writing each other poems and eating pepernoten.

In the run of to the 5th of December children will set their shoes next to the fireplace at bed time. They put their shoes next to the fireplace in the hope that Sinterklaas will leave treats for them.

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Cycling in Amsterdam

Cycling in Amsterdam

There are a few things that Amsterdam is well known for and bicycles is definitely one of those things on the list. Everybody that lives in the Netherlands always forgets how strange this concept is to most tourists.

When you are a tourist on a bicycle it can be quite overwhelming having to take trams, cars & mainly tourists into account.  Unknowingly that the lanes with a deep red colour are for cyclists you  will often find tourists in the middle of your lane!

If you are planning to cycle it is important to keep a few things in mind:

1. Lock your bicycle when not using it

Never leave your bike without a lock, even not just to pop into a shop. 80.000 bikes a year get stolen just in Amsterdam.

2. Do not ignore the traffic lights

You might find that locals just ignore the traffic lights but they are cycling most routes day in day out and know what to expect. You could ruin your holiday in 1 second if you do not take these lights into account.

 3. Watch out for the the trams

When you hear their bells ring it might already be too late so watch out for the trams. Their tracks can also be tricky when not used to cycling!